Drawing & Watercolor Tips, Tutorials & Resources

Watercolour effects in web design [Visual Inspiration]
I love watercolour effects (both real watercolour painting and web design effects), so I was pretty happy to stumble upon[...]
Painting a sunlit village landscape [Watercolor video tutorial]
Today's watercolor painting tutorial comes from Roytheartist. It's a cool video demo / painting lesson on painting a village landscape.[...]
Painting Distant Hills & Mountains [Watercolor Painting Video tutorial]
Here's another informative watercolor painting video tutorial by BobDavies88 showing how you to paint distant hills and mountains.
Wysoka Laka Hospital [Watercolor inspiration]
Here's another beautiful watercolor painting inspiration from our favourite watercolor artist GreeGW. It's of the Wysoka Laka Hospital in Poland.[...]
How to use watercolor pencils part 2 [Video tutorial]
Here's part 2 of the video tutorial series by BobDavies88 on "How to use watercolor pencils". You can catch Part[...]
fc 09 10 winter IV [Photo inspiration]
While the title of this photo doesn't quite do it justice, the second I saw this image I knew I[...]